Frame Building

Each of our frames is hand made to the owner’s exact requirements using Reynolds or Columbus tubing. Lugged frames are silver soldered which, although more expensive , uses less heat and is better for the tubes. Lugless joints are bronze welded.


The process

First, we take several key measurements from you and discuss your proposed use of the frame, your personal riding style and any other factors that will influence the frame’s design and choice of material.

Having chosen the material for the frame, we then work through a comprehensive list of options with you such as braze-ons, tyre clearance, rack and mudguard fittings.


All frames are supplied with either “A”head or threaded steerer tubes and finished in a basic single colour stove enamel. Other alternatives are available at extra cost.

At this point a document is drawn up with all the options chosen and a price is calculated. A copy is given to you and a deposit is taken.

We then hand draw the frame design to 1:1 scale

Next the tubing is hand cut, lugs are prepared and the welding (brazing) begins. All through the build process, the frame is offered up to the master drawing and checked for accuracy and straightness.


Once the frame is finished, it is carefully filed and cleaned to remove excess flux and solder before being reamed and tapped out. The frame number is stamped on the bottom bracket. Owner details can be added if desired.

A final check is undertaken for straightness and accuracy.

It is then sent for enamelling, which involves shot blasting, priming, fine sanding, priming again followed by the application of the enamel, stove heating, laquer, transfers and a final coat of laquer.

You can then take delivery of your custom frame or we can build it into a complete bike for you.


Building Up

We can supply a wide variety of components including Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Brooks and Cinelli.

Wheel options include custom hand built with hubs and rims to your choice, or factory made such as Campagnolo and Zipp.

Finally, each bike comes with our standard 6 week check up to ensure everything has bedded in correctly, and a free 6 month service.