Zefal Console Waterproof Front Pack - Medium (0.8L)

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  • Zefal: Zefal Z-Console Waterproof Front Pack - Med
  • MEDIUM Medium (0.8L)
  • BOB01-37690/M-3420587045015

Zefal: Z-Console Waterproof Front Pack- -MEDIUM Description

2 in 1, the Z Console Front Pack is a front bag with an integrated compartment for smartphones. Easy to install on the tube it has a zipped compartment to carry most accessories (energy gels, repair kits, CO2 cartridges, keys etc...). Access to the touch


OPC P6D5925
Codes 3420587045015 (EAN)
MPN 37690/M


Be aware, this sports product comes with an MPN of 37690/M.

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